Detailed Program

The program is also available for download as .docx file (suitable for printing).

Wednesday 29 Aug

17,00 – 19,00 Registration

19,00 – 21,00 Welcome Party

Thursday 30 Aug

8,00 – 9,00 Breakfast

9,00 – 10,15 Plenary Session (Conference Room) Chair: R. Hindls

  • Opening Ceremony (R. Hindls, W. Ostasiewicz, R. Zimka)

  • Keynote Speech

    • A. Dekrét, R. Zimka: Is it possible to secure intergenerational equity in an economy with exhaustible resources?

10,15 – 10,45 Coffee Break

11,15 – 12,30 Parallel Sessions

  • Cluster Analysis (Conference Room) Chair: S. Heilpern

    • H. Řezanková: Discussion about Two Coefficients for Determining the Number of Clusters

    • V. Vintrová, T. Vintr: Partition Clustering Using a Function of Local Densities as Weights

    • L. Pastorek: Clustering Algorithms Applied to Artificial Datasets with Different Size of Dimension

    • M. Stachová, L. Sobíšek: Bayesian Clustering Methods Modelling Real Data

  • Wages and Employment (Small Room) Chair: E. Zimková

    • A. Čabla: Unemployment Duration in the Czech Republic

    • A. Kaščáková, G. Nedelová, M. Považanová: Determinants of the Unpaid Work in Slovakia

    • Ž. Rusnak: The Determinants of Poverty

    • Š. Šustová, M. Zelený: At work…, and poor? A look at the Czech low wages households in the Living Conditions (SILC) Survey

    • K. Duspivová, K. Vltavská, M. Matějka: The Role of the Minimum Wages in the Czech Republic: Pros and Cons of Widely Used Measures

12,30 – 14,00 Lunch

14,00 – 15,30 Parallel Sessions

  • Microeconomic Issues (Conference Room) Chair: R. Zimka

    • M. Boďa, M. Kanderová: Applying the Concept of Economic Capital in Non-Financial Firms

    • D. Králová: The Distribution of Stocks Based on Cluster Analysis

    • V. Hiadlovský, P. Kráľ: Utilisation of Probabilistic Graphical Models in the Financial Health Prediction of the Slovak Companies

    • P. Kráľ, V. Roháčová: Measuring the Efficiency of Public Road Transport Companies in the Slovak Republic – A Bayesian Combination of DEA and SFA

  • Macroeconomic Issues (Small Room) Chair: P. Mazouch

    • D. Blatná, L. Hudrlíková: Robust Regression and Europe2020 Indicators

    • J. Zbranek: Analysis of the Labour Inputs Focusing on the Average Hourly Wages in the Input-Output Framework

    • L. Valentová Půlpánová: Understanding Government Consumption: A Case Study of the Czech Republic

    • M. Šimková, J. Sixta: The Development of the Consumption of Czech Pensioners

    • O. Šimpach: The Forecasts for Inflation Rate and Unemployment Rate Using the Phillips Curve

15,30 – 16,00 Coffee Break

16,00 – 17,30 Parallel Sessions

  • Risk and Insurance (Conference Room) Chair: W. Ostasiewicz

    • M. Boďa, V. Roháčová: Robust Formulation of a Parametric Value at Risk Model

    • S. Heilpern: Calculation of Risk Measure for Aggregate Dependent Risk

    • P. Zimmermann: Some properties of the Index Clause

    • J. Špirková: The Impact of a Ban on the Use of Gender in Pension Insurance

  • Non-Market Services (Small Room) Chair: S. Hronová

    • P. Kráľ et al.: Using Data Mining to Build Applicant Profiles of Matej Bel University

    • P. Laco: Information Sharing and Information Systems at the Faculty of Economics

    • M. Hužvár, Z. Rigová: Efficiency of Performance of Higher Education Institutions

    • C. Kozyra, B. Zmyslona: National Health Fund – the Mine of Data about Quality and Efficiency of Health Services

    • V. Jeřábková: Methods for Measuring the Efficiency of Social Services

18,30 – 22,30 Conference Dinner

Friday 31 Aug

9,00 – 10,00 Breakfast

10,00 – 11,30 Parallel Sessions

  • Other Methodology Achievements (Conference Room) Chair: H. Řezanková

    • I. Malá: Bayesian Approach to a Mixture of Lognormal Distributions

    • J. Bartošová: Tools for Modelling of Heterogeneity and Dynamics in Household Income

    • O. Vilikus: Hybrid Approach in Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis

    • J. Vild: Latent Class Analysis

  • Business Cycle , Convergence and Sustainability (Small Room) Chair: J. Fischer

    • M. Hužvár, K. Makovínyiová, R. Zimka: Bautin Bifurcation in an Advertising Diffusion Model

    • E. Zimková, V. Úradníček: Macroecomic and Microeconomic Aspects of the Structural Convergence of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia to Germany

    • M. Boďa, V. Roháčová, L. Striežovská: An Approach to Finding Business Cycles: a Case Study of Three Countries

    • P. Musil, J. Kramulová, J. Čadil, P. Mazouch: Regional Price Levels and their Relationship to Regional Indicators – the Case of the Czech Republic

    • L. Petkovová, K. Helman, J. Kramulová, J. Zeman: Sustainable Development Indicators at the Regional Level in the Czech Republic

11,30 – 11,50 Coffee Break

11,50 – 12,30 Plenary session (Conference Room) Chair: R. Hindls

  • History

    • P. Závodský: Karl Joseph Czoernig and his Statistical Description of Liberec

  • Closing Ceremony (R. Hindls, W. Ostasiewicz, R. Zimka)

12,30 – 13,30 Lunch

14,00 – 19,00 Trip to Jested (1012 m)

Saturday 1 Sep

9,00 – 10,00 Breakfast

10,00 – 18,00 Trip to Jizerske hory

Sunday 2 Sep

9,00 – 10,00 Breakfast

The program is also available for download as .docx file (suitable for printing).